Service Contracts

Elston and Hopkin have provided Service and Recovering Contracts for the last 50 years. We currently have over 80 Tables being looked after by our skilled team. These Service Contracts are in  British Legions , Conservative Clubs , Fire Stations , Miners Welfare Clubs , Social Clubs , Universities , Ten Pin Bowls ,Youth Centres. If you operate a Commercial location we can assist with our contracts that run for 24 month periods.

This allows clubs to spread the cost of necessary refurbishment and renovation work on the key assets of their tables. It is important to remember that these tables help drive bar sales to deliver regular income to clubs. If you have an enquiry with regard to how we can assist your club in spreading costs - please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Our contracts can cover the following services :-

Table Recovers , Table Rerubbers , Table Cloth Stretches , Nets and Leathers , Service Visits.

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