Company History

The firm was founded in 1938 by Mr J.W. Elston and Mr J.S. Hopkin, though both of them had been in the billiard and Snooker trade many years prior to that date. Mr Elston had been a billiard hall proprietor for about 15 years and had employed fitters doing repair work; before this he had worked for John Gent, a billiard table maker in Nottingham who had made and supplied tables in the Nottingham area since the late 19th century. Whether or not there was a billiard table maker in Nottingham prior to John Gent is not known. There are still some John Gent 'Licensed Victualler' tables in use in the area - they are solid 6Ft tables with a thick slate, and a frame as sturdy as most 9Ft tables, made specifically for public house use.

Mr Hopkin came from a billiard hall background. His father set up the public billiard hall business at the beginning of the century, eventually having seven halls in the East Midlands. Several members of the family - there were nine children - looked after the halls. While J.S. Hopkin was manager of the main hall in Nottingham he started a small billiard repair and supply business which he conducted from the billiard hall until joining Mr Elston. Mr Elston died in 1948 and Mr Hopkin in 1960 and the firm was run until April 2004 by Mr Hopkin's son John who came into the business in 1955.There were no members of the Elston family with any interest in the firm after this date. John decided to take early retirement (aged 78) and Ted Roberts purchased the business in 2004.

However the business is run on the same lines as it always has. The current owners are aware of the history and reputation of the firm and endeavour to supply the same first class service as has been apparent for over 70 years.