American Pool Balls


Super Aramith Pro 2 1/4" Pool Ball Set £ 135.00

A full set of numbered spots and stripes pool balls by Aramith. These balls are for all professional American pool tables at only 57mm / 2 1/4 inch. They are Aramith Super Pro quality engraved balls which feature the stripes and numbers engraved within the ball surface ensuring durability and resilience. This set is the very best money can buy. The coefficient of friction on the ball surface is the lowest in the market ensuring less drag and wear on the cloth. The ultra hard resin material will outlast any of its rivals and explains why nearly every pro player of the American pool game will possess a set of these, Aramith’s finest.

These balls were used in all major pool tournaments the world over until the introduction of the Super Aramith Pro TV ball set (same quality and performance with a few slight colour variations). Notes the Super Aramith Pro balls are marginally heavier than the standard Aramith equivalent sized ball sets, so for practice it makes sense to get a set of these.

Super Aramith Pro 2 1/4" Pool Ball Set £ 135.00

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